300 Children under the age of 5 drown in swimming pools every year.  In my thoughts that is 300 too many. Therefore, I wanted to share some pool safety tips that I received in an Educational class given by Pillar to Post Home Inspections.


  • The first tip would be to teach them to swim EARLY! They say the younger, the better. We teach our children to stay away from the water when we are not present because they could fall in and drown. Of course! We are looking out for their safety! Yet…. this tends to put fear of water into them, making it harder to teach them to swim as they get older. Children tend to be more fearless the younger they are. So, teach them to swim as early as possible. Still teach them to stay away from the pool when adults are not present of course. This just could buy a few more seconds if the accident were to happen, hoping to reach them in time.
  • Keep toys away from the pool. Make sure they are out of the pool and off the deck or patio that surrounds it. Toys are very enticing to children.
  • Above ground pools should always remove ladder/stair access when not in use
  • Inground Pool Barriers- there are 2 types of pool barriers.
  • Automatic Pool Cover- needs to withstand the weight of 2 adults and 1 child
  • Fencing – here are some recommendations on proper fencing for safety
    • Fence should be at least 4 feet tall
    • Balusters should be at 4 inches or less apart
    • Bottom of the fence to the ground should be 4 inches or less
    • Chain-link fences should have less than 1 ¾ inch diamonds (not climbable)
    • Gates should open out and be self-latching and out of reach of children
    • Also place your fencing barrier around the ENTIRE pool. Where the house forms of the barrier, the door from the house to pool is vulnerable. Children inside the home still have access. If you decide to have open access from your home and only fencing connected to the home, it is best to have an alarm added to the back door to notify you of opening/closing incase you are not in sight of it.

These are just some recommendations. I thought they were a great reminder since summer is near. I do hope it was helpful! I hope everyone has a great enjoyable summer.